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teng zhou kechuang light industry machinery co., LTD In 1986, since the first double helix crowded pulp machine in the company under the joint efforts of technical personnel and the industry tongren, has developed a variety of screw extrusion slurry dewatering equipment, so as to adapt to the needs of different industries. Let users in the aspect of material dehydration have achieved tangible benefits!
The products of the company with a number of independent intellectual property rights, and through new products, new technology product identification, some product technology to meet the leading level in domestic and foreign. Our professional knowledge and rationalization plan will provide you with comprehensive technical support, make your production more reasonable, more efficient!
We are committed to: with the development and the progress of science and technology, we have always been committed to research and development of new products and constantly put on the market. The company's product technology and after-sale services will have a new improve, all the new and old customers will continue to enjoy the high quality service and technical support.